ADMIC Franchisees


MONOPRIX - Lebanon


Monoprix is a leading French multi-format retailer, distributor of a range of products, including food, non-food, beauty section, clothing and household goods.

ADMIC’s first Monoprix store opened in June 1999. Apart from being located in Jnah, in the Greater Beirut metropolitan area, the road networks around the site made it very accessible from inside and outside the city. The Jnah complex became the most successful supermarket in Lebanon during the last decade.

In 2011 our customers experienced the comeback of a brand new Monoprix in Jnah with a total new glamorous look and cozy fresh concepts. The new Monoprix concept focuses on bringing fresh products daily to customers in a market like atmosphere. In addition to the large variety of products with 16,000 grocery items, it includes specialty products in the fresh meat poultry and fish, dry groceries, dairy products, bakery, fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen and gourmet foods, as well as many non-food items, such as sanitary and hygiene products, health and beauty aid. 


In 2014 Monoprix opened a new branch in Tayouneh – Beirut Mall (Level B1).  


To bring Monoprix’s products closer to you, we launched Monop, small shops of 150 to 500 m2 located in urban areas.

Monop’ is the little Monoprix that has everything.
So far 4 Monop’ stores opened in Lebanon and several more yet to come.
Monoprix Branches: Jnah – Beirut Mall
Monop’ Branches: Furn el Hayek – Sassine – St. Nicolas - Pasteur 
Monoprix: Taste, Quality, Price!





Galeries Lafayette - Dubai   


Established in 2009, Galeries Lafayette is a department store that differentiate itself from all other department stores by offering a French vision of a stylish lifestyle. This lifestyle expresses itself mainly through its unique French vision of fashion but also with home decoration and Gourmet, it offers a new perspective on food.

With a total area of 215,000 square feet, Galeries Lafayette’s massive, three-storey shop at the Dubai Mall keeps the French fashion spirit truly alive in the shopping capital of the Middle East. Plenty of space to make shopping a breeze, modern and chic interior design, and a countless array of the most fashionable labels under one roof makes a visit to Galeries Lafayette an unforgettable experience. ​





BHV- Lebanon


      In 1999, BHV opened its first store in Jnah, Beirut.

This full line department store carries more than 70,000 items and offers a wide range of better to moderate brand names and private-label products; clothing, cosmetics, fine jewelry and accessories; home furnishings and decoration items including do-it yourself, house wares, domestic appliances, small electric appliances and gardening; toys, multimedia, TV Hifi, a variety of entertainment products.
ADMIC merchandising strategy is directed at offering and promoting moderate to upper-moderately priced brand-name merchandise recognized by its customers for style and value.
Brand-name merchandise is complemented with offerings of private label and other higher and budget-priced merchandise.